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Round Up at the Register Program

When you shop at our co-op, you have the opportunity to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar at the register. These small donations might seem modest individually, but collectively they hold the power to create significant positive change in our community. Every rounded-up amount goes directly to support local charities and community initiatives that matter. Your participation in this program helps us channel resources where they are needed most, making a substantial impact one rounding at a time. Each month, we feature a different charity or non-profit organization who will receive these Round Up donations. Scroll down to see our current recipients and how your organization can become one of these recipients for the coming year.

Apply to Become a Round Up Recipient

If your charity or non-profit organization would like to be a recipient of our Round Up at the Register Program, please carefully read the guidelines by clicking the button below. If your charity or non-profit organization fits this criteria, please fill out the application below and we will get back to you shortly.

Applications for 2024 have all been filled. If you'd like to apply for 2025, feel free to fill out the application below and our Marketing Manager will get back to you as soon as possible.

Round Up Application

We will send your check to this address after your featured donation period.

Contact Person *

Please note that Round Ups are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, so if your month is filled already we will reach out to schedule you for a different month.

Please upload your Donation Request *

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Marketing Materials

Each month of the Round Up Program, we will promote the recipient through different marketing methods such as:

  • a flyer at the register that cashiers will reference to when customers are completing their purchases

  • a post on social media at the beginning of the month

  • a banner on our website

  • a slide on the TV in our deli café seating area

These marketing materials are created by our Marketing Manager by replicating the organization's existing branding image and logos provided by the organization. These materials are then sent to the contact person for approval.

However, if your organization has strict or particular branding guidelines and you would like to send us a flyer, please do so accordingly below.

Would you like our Marketing Manager to create the previously mentioned marketing materials for you to approve?
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If you have any questions, please email our Marketing & Outreach Manager at!

Thank you for applying! You should receive a confirmation email as well.

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