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Meet the Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors has an essential role in supporting the growth of Main Market Co-op!


They act as the voice of the membership and serve as the governing body of the Co-op, not running daily operations but setting policy and vision for how the store meets our members' needs now and in the future. Your board members welcome your feedback and thoughts. They can be reached by email at


The Main Market Board has a maximum of seven seats. Each Director is elected to a 3-year term.

IMG_2672 (1).jpg

Elena Stahl

Elected Director


Nazzerah photo.jpeg

Nazeerah Pearson-Muhammad

Elected Director


Board Meetings

Members are welcome to attend board meetings. These meetings are between the board and our General Manager to establish  a forward-looking vision to cater to our members' current and future needs.

The following are upcoming meetings:

May 28th

June 20th

July 18th

August OFF


All meetings are held in person at the Main Market Co-op upstairs offices 5pm-6pm


Bylaws serve as the internal rulebook for a cooperative, detailing how it will operate, make decisions, and govern itself. These essential documents lay out the structure, responsibilities, and processes that guide the co-op's day-to-day activities and ensure fair and transparent governance.

Policy Governance

This is the governing document of the Co-op. It outlines the roles of the Board of Directors and General Manager. Both parties create monthly reports showing compliance or plan to come within compliance to ensure there is accountability for running our owners' business well

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation are the legal documents that establish a cooperative as a distinct legal entity. They outline the co-op's purpose, structure, governance, and operating principles, providing a foundational framework for its existence and operation.

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