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Our Local Farms

Full Bushel Farm

Medical Lake, WA

Dan & Laurie (and their gang of young farmers) have been growing high quality, natural produce in the Spokane area since 2012. Their farm is near Medical Lake, just west of Spokane.

Full Bushel is known for their tender micro greens, and we stock their salad mix, spinach, carrots, fingerling potatoes and more whenever we can get them!

Tolstoy Farms

Davenport, WA

Located in Davenport, less than 40 miles from Spokane, Tolstoy Farms have been providing certified organic produce for our community for over 30 years.

We get especially excited about their beautiful head lettuce, sweet corn and carrot bunches, delivered fresh from the farm in season!

Jackson Farm

Spokane, WA

Dan Jackson of Jackson Farm is known as the tomato guru, basil guru, and Director of Sales for LINC Foods! Dan and his family started the farm 19 years ago and it became one of the largest direct-to-restaurant farms in the area. 

Located in Spokane Valley, Jackson Farm uses all organic practices and has no bug issues due to healthy soil - contributing to produce of the highest quality.

Sullivan Family Farms

Cheney, WA

Sullivan Family Farm is a small family farm located in Cheney, WA. They have a growing herd of Simmental and Angus cows as well as a pair of Brown Swiss oxen, named Coke & Sprite, and grow a wide variety of farm fresh cut flowers.

We are happy to carry their beautiful flower bouquets!

Gracey's Flower Farm

Spokane, WA

Located in the rolling hills of the Palouse, south of Spokane, Gracey's Flower Farm is a local flower farm run by Stacey, her husband, and four daughters. She not only delivers her beautiful flower bouquets to our store, but she also offers a  local flower delivery and flowers for weddings and holidays.

Moose Meadow Farm

Clark Fork, ID

Moose Meadow Farm is a family-owned farm in Clark Fork, Idaho. They provide our store with their amazing USDA certified organic produce. Their number one goal is to grow and sell the tastiest, healthiest, freshest produce money can buy all year long.

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