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O u r   L o c a l   S u p p l i e r s

Applecart Fruit    Tonasket, WA

Big Sage Organics    Othello, WA

Bodacious Berries    Green Bluff, WA

Bunny Laine Fruit    Malott, WA

Elithrop Family Farm    Deer Park, WA

Evergreen Produce    Moyie Springs, ID

Filaree Farm    Omak, WA

Flemming Family Farm    Chattaroy, WA

Full Bushel Farm    Medical Lake, WA

Gourmet Foragables    Spokane, WA

Greenacres Grown    Greenacres, WA

Hirschel Heritage Farm    Latah, WA

S&D Homestead    Otis Orchards, WA

Snapdragon Flower Farm    Spokane, WA

Tolstoy Farms    Davenport, WA

Tonnemaker Hill Farm    Royal City, WA

Urban Eden Farm    Spokane, WA

9 Mile Far​ms    Nine Miles, WA

Tolstoy Farms

Located in Davenport, less than 40 miles from Spokane, Tolstoy Farms have been providing certified organic produce for our community for over 30 years.

We get especially excited about their beautiful head lettuce, sweet corn and carrot bunches, delivered fresh from the farm in season!

Full Bushel Farm

Dan & Lauri (and their gang of young farmers) have been growing high quality, natural produce in the Spokane area since 2012. Their farm is near Medical Lake, just west of Spokane.

Full Bushel is known for their tender micro greens, and we stock their salad mix, spinach, carrots, fingerling potatoes and more whenever we can get them!

Snapdragon Flower Farm

Snapdragon Flower Farm's mission is to grow flowers that are healthy for both people and pollinators. Located in Spokane, Beth's fields are managed with thoughtful agricultural practices, which results in more sustainable bouquets. 

Available at the Co-op in season, Beth's thoughtful and joyful bouquets are a bright addition to our floral department!

Jackson Farm

Dan Jackson of Jackson Farm is known as the tomato guru, basil guru, and Director of Sales for LINC Foods! Dan and his family started the farm 19 years ago and it became one of the largest direct-to-restaurant farms in the area. 

Located in Spokane Valley, Jackson Farm uses all organic practices and has no bug issues due to healthy soil - contributing to produce of the highest quality.

Hirschel Heritage Farm

Bruce Hogan and his family have been growing root vegetables and winter squash on their Latah, WA property since 2003. They named the farm Hirschel Heritage in honor of the property's farm history. They grow using all-natural, chemical-free practices. 

Bruce's carrots are a Co-op favorite! Available from early fall all the way through spring, their sweetness and crunch is hard to beat!


Urban Eden Farm

Located just southwest of downtown Spokane in the Vinegar Flats neighborhood, Urban Eden is about as local as it gets! They're proud to continue the tradition of farming in the Latah Creek Valley.

Their organic farming methods result in produce that is fresh and vibrant, including summer squash, cucumbers, kale, collard greens, swiss chard and more!

Ronnigers Organics

Simon & Marqui Ronniger are 2nd generation Certified Organic farmers in Moyie Springs, Idaho. 

Ronniger's specializes in root crops. You can find their delicious parsnips, cabbage and beets at the Co-op now!

Okanogan Producers 

Marketing Association

The Okanogan Producers Marketing Association is a cooperative of 5 small family-owned orchards who share equipment, knowledge, and resources. They grow beautiful peaches, grapes & pears, and their apples are magic!

OPMA's orchards include:

Filaree Fruit, Bunny Laine Fruit, Apple Cart Fruit, 

Grandpa's Home Place & Harvesting Autumn.

Allicin's Ranch

Ben and Claire Ronniger grow their gourmet garlic year-round using the highest organic standards. 

They farm in 3 locations: one farm in Moyie Springs Idaho, one in Baja, California and one in Argentina. This allows for three garlic harvests every year!