Fresh from Local Farms this Week!

The Inland Northwest is a lush landscape of local food and goods. This time of year reminds us of the bounty that surrounds us and deepens our connection to the people who grow and prepare food close to us, for us. 

Check here for weekly updates on local offerings in our Produce Dept!

Big Sage Organics

Othello, WA

Garlic Scapes

Rainbow Carrots Lacinto Kale

Green & Red Cabbage

Colorful Cauliflower

Cliffside Orchard

Kettle Falls, WA

Black Cherries

Elithorp Farm

Deer Park, WA

Mediterranean Cucumbers

Full Bushel Farm

Medical Lake, WA

Assorted Bagged Greens


Ottosen Farms

Fairfield, WA


Gourmet Foragables

Spokane, WA

Wild Harvested Morels

Spokane Mushrooms

Spokane, WA

Oyster Mushrooms:

 Pink, Yellow & White!

Spokane Urban Farm

Spokane, WA

Living Microgreens

Tolstoy Farms

Davenport, WA

Bunched Beets


Green Lettuce

Chinese Cabbage

Mustard Greens

Urban Eden

Spokane, WA

Red Sunchokes

Mustard Greens

Red Boar Kale

Apple Cart Fruit Farm

Tonasket, WA

Early Star Peaches