Produce Department Vendor Guidelines

Department Buyer: Lea Scott

Email: Phone: 509-458-2667

1. Seller must have pesticide, herbicide, and synthetic fertilizer free produce. It must be Certified Organic OR Registered Organic OR Certified Naturally Grown, Food Alliance, P.E.A.C.H. SAFE, or other 3rd party sustainable certification, OR Local (Local=within a 15 mile radius of Spokane).

2. If above requirement is met, seller must make an appointment with the Produce Buyer via phone or email.

3. Seller must have:

  • Current copy of Organic Certification, Organic Registration, Naturally Grown Certification (or other 3rd party certification) OR sign a no-spray affidavit if within 15 miles of Spokane so that growing practices may be verified
  • UBI (Business License) number or Tax ID number for farm (exceptions are made for those farms which are within the legal limit to operate without a business license)
  • Product Liability Insurance (exceptions are made in support of small, locally owned farms)
  • W-9 to be completed at time of meeting listing seller's social security number (if a sole proprietorship) or Employer Identification Number (EIN) (if LLC, Corporation, etc.) This form unfortunately is non-negotiable if we are to buy your produce. The market could get heavy fines for not having this form on file. As with the Business License, if your farm makes below a certain dollar amount, it will be exempt from taxes regardless of filling out a W-9.

5. Final product approval and quality assessment rests with the Produce Department Buyer.

6. Vendor will engage in professional, constructive communication at all times.  Failure to do so can result in termination of purchasing relationship.

7. All produce department orders will be taken over the phone or by email Monday through Friday from 9am until 4pm without exception.

8. Produce must be delivered Tuesday through Saturdaybefore 4pm.  Exceptions are possible with explicit approval by produce department personnel. No other product is to be delivered except approved, ordered product. ALWAYS CALL AND CHECK WITH THE PRODUCE BUYER BEFORE DELIVERING ANY PRODUCE. Any produce dropped off that is not ordered, approved, or is not checked in by PRODUCE DEPARTMENT staff will be donated to a local food bank at the seller’s cost.

10. An invoice must be included with every delivery and specify:

  • Farm name and seller’s name (and UBI number if it is your first delivery)
  • Address check should be sent to and phone number
  • Date of delivery
  • Produce name (as specific as possible for display purposes)
  • Product count (lbs or number of bunches)
  • Product price
  • Order total

11.The seller must submit their UBI number or Farm Tax ID number prior to their first delivery or on their first delivery’s invoice. If certified or registered Organic, seller must submit a copy of Organic Certificate prior to their first delivery or with their first delivery’s invoice.

12. Product must be checked in by either the produce department buyer or assistant.

13. Invoices will be checked against product received and need produce department staff signature and date received on the invoice. The vendor/seller must stay during product check-in.

14. When product is received invoice will be submitted to the MMC finance department. Seller will be paid according to set terms (standard terms are Net 10—check is sent out within 10 business days of invoice processing). Cash payments are not made on delivery.

15.The Co-op always has right of refusal at delivery based on product quality.

16. We encourage the seller to do demos and/or sampling during the season. The highest traffic days are member sale days on the second Fridya, Saturday, and Sunday of every month. We offer our local producers lunch from our deli in return for donating the time and/or product for samples. Demos must be arranged with produce manager before specified demo day (by email or phone).

17. For irregular sellers:

  • Contact produce Manager to set an appointment and submit UBI, W-9, and Certification copies.
  • Buyer will then evaluate product and decide if it meets MMC produce department criteria. If product meets criteria, buyer will either place an order or purchase product outright from seller at terms set after product evaluation.
  • Invoices will be checked against product received and requires staff signature and date received on the invoice. The seller must stay during product check-in.
  • When product is received invoice will be submitted to the MMC finance department. Seller will be paid according to set terms. Cash payments are not made on delivery.
  • Produce buyer will set up a system for re-order with the seller after the product has been evaluated.



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A printable version of these guidelines is available by clicking here