2018 Board Candidates

Main Market is excited to announce our three candidates for the 2018 Board election!

Voting goes through 5:30 pm Thursday, April 19th at the Annual Meeting where ballots will be counted and  incoming Directors announced. You can vote in person at the store (ballots provided) or mail your ballot which must be received by Wednesday, April 18th to be counted.

Main Market 2018 Annual Board Election Ballot

Instructions for mailing included on the ballot.

Send questions to: [email protected]

Martee Snyder


Martee gardens with her family and enjoys sharing her passion for the environment and all living things. Her future career goals include environmental planning and green infrastructure.


Laura Viherlahti


 Laura's interest in holistic wellness is a lifelong passion reflected in her business, The Salt Room. She is an aspiring locavore and a founding member of Main Market!



Amber Hamlin

Senior Architect

Amber is a massage therapist (and more!) with a passion for health, wellness, and sustainability. While in college, she worked at the Bellingham Co-op and loved it!


Meet The Board

Your Board of Directors has an essential role in supporting the growth of Main Market Coop!

They act as the voice of the membership and serve as the governing body of the Coop, not running daily operations but setting policy and vision for how the store meets our members' needs now and in the future.

The Main Market Board has nine available seats. Each Director is elected to a 3-year term.

Tamy Roloff


Ellen Maccarone

Sheri Shields

Phil Spiegel

Tim Herold

Nancy McKennon

Call for 2018 Board Candidates!

Serving on the Board of Directors is an opportunity to engage more deeply with the financial and development pieces of running a cooperatively owned business. As a Director, you represent the Member/Owners and work closely with fellow Directors and the General Manager. An elected term is 3-years long and Directors meet monthly for two hours, more or less depending on the agenda. The Board may also form committees to take on specific work or projects in their purview. The minimum commitment is to attend the monthly meetings, to be prepared for the meetings by reading all of the materials provided ahead of time, to be engaged, and inspired to help grow our vibrant and diverse community! You will receive training and support throughout your term so passion is just as valuable as experience; no experience necessary. However, you do need to be a Member/Owner in good standing!

Are you feeling the call? Find the application here!

Application deadline is March 2, 2018. Once you have submitted your application you will be contacted by the Board Nominating Committee with further steps

Curious and want to know more? Email Micki at [email protected]


Legal bylaws of our cooperative

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Policy Governance

This is the governing document of the Coop. It outlines the roles of the Board of Directors and General Manager. Both parties create monthly reports showing compliance or plans to come within compliance to ensure there is accountability for running our owners' business well.

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Board Meeting Minutes

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Upcoming Events and Board Announcements

Important events for Member/Owners will be posted here.

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