Apr 22

2013 Board of Directors Election

Dear Co-op Members,
Once again, it’s that time of year where we have the opportunity to elect new members to the Main Market Co-op Board of Directors.  This year, we have six candidates and three open seats to fill. Please exercise your membership by participating in this important process and playing a role in the future of your Co-op!

Take a look at the candidates below, followed by voting instructions at the bottom of the page.


Dr. Ellen M. Maccarone

Description: https://d2q0qd5iz04n9u.cloudfront.net/_ssl/proxy.php/http/gallery.mailchimp.com/0e8911ded4ff1895a1caf33f6/images/ellen.jpgMy name is Dr. Ellen M. Maccarone and I am Associate Professor of Philosophy at Gonzaga University.  My specialties in philosophy are areas of applied ethics, including food ethics, which I have been teaching and researching for six years and business ethics, which I have been working in for fifteen years.   Both of these specialties will make for assets if I am able to join the Main Market Co-op Board of Directors.  I have lived in Spokane for eight years.

I would also bring experience of other non-profit boards of directors with me to the Co-op Board as well as access to the Gonzaga University community.  My scholarship has always influenced my activism, and the MMC board would be another good way for me to connect these things.  I have experience with codes of ethics, policy implementation, event planning, and reaching the transient college student population.  These, I think, would be beneficial as the Co-op continues its good work in the community.  And while I have been a member of the Co-op since before the door opened, I would like an opportunity to take a more active role in promoting healthy and ethical food choices that make our community stronger and more sustainable.

Serving on the board would be a way for me to contribute my academic expertise and desire for social change while participating in the local community.  I am a good listener, critical thinker, am able to see possibilities where others might see obstacles, and am good at long-range planning.

Thanks for your consideration!

Megan White

Description: https://d2q0qd5iz04n9u.cloudfront.net/_ssl/proxy.php/http/gallery.mailchimp.com/0e8911ded4ff1895a1caf33f6/images/megan.jpgI've worked in the corporate and private health food industry for the last 11 years and at Main Market Co-Op since its opening in 2010. I resigned with a heavy heart to birth and raise my awesome and exhausting 2 month old son. I began as a produce clerk and worked my way up to the assistant store manager position before leaving. I've worked in every aspect of the store from stocking its shelves to helping farmers select good selling vegetable cultivars to drafting this year's operating budget. I've worked closely with the board during my time at the Co-Op serving on two Board nominations committees, two general manager search committees, and as interim general manager this past fall. I believe I can bring valuable operational experience that spans the history of the Co-Op to a board position. I would love the opportunity to continue to work with the board and grow our food co-op as a board member. 

Local food and farms have been my passion for the last decade. I was an intern at a small diverse organic farm before moving to my husband's native Spokane where we hope to build our own small farm with our family. I believe food is a common language that ties our community together. I believe local food and businesses are a means to meet the needs of our health, environment, and economy. I believe the Co-Op will continue to be at the center of this great work--a successful business that supports local producers, provides food education, offers clean, honest food, and brings together our diverse community.

Demetri Koston

Description: https://d2q0qd5iz04n9u.cloudfront.net/_ssl/proxy.php/http/gallery.mailchimp.com/0e8911ded4ff1895a1caf33f6/images/demetri.jpgI want to serve as a Board Member because I believe in the mission of the Main Market, and I want to help further its cause and help take it to the "next level"! Also, I want to volunteer and "give back" to my community.

Since I can remember, I have always been a "foodie". I grew up in the family restaurant business in the SF Bay Area. I attended college at the University of California at Davis, and I majored in Agricultural Economics. Shortly thereafter, I completed an MBA in Finance at the University of Chicago. Initially, I spent several years working in Finance for the Dole Food Company. Eventually, I became part owner and manager of an organic food company named "Made in Nature". I am no longer involved, but the company still distributes various products, some of which are available at the Main Market. More recently, I acquired a small ownership interest in a wine distribution company. Today, my "day job" is working with life insurance companies to arrange financing for commercial and agricultural real estate properties.

Personally, I married a woman from Metaline Falls, WA. We live in Spokane with our two daughters, ages 10 & 11. We enjoy the area's amenities including skiing, biking, hiking, and various backyard adventures. My only community involvement at the moment is coaching girls’ basketball at the "Y".

Overall, I have a personal passion for healthy food, as directly evidenced by my history and my experience. Also, I believe it's vital to be a good steward of our environment, and I support local and organic production with my beliefs and my wallet. In addition, I understand the importance of economic sustainability. All these characteristics make me uniquely qualified to be a productive Board Member and an asset to the Co-op.

Annie Grieve


Description: https://d2q0qd5iz04n9u.cloudfront.net/_ssl/proxy.php/http/gallery.mailchimp.com/0e8911ded4ff1895a1caf33f6/images/annie.jpgI am a fourth-generation Spokane native, and a part of a long history of local community service and stewardship. As a small business owner in the Spokane core, I feel that it is vital to foster a healthier urban center and be active in the renewal of downtown Spokane.  I feel that the time has come for a strong live/work downtown community in our city and we need a grocery store to meet the needs of this growing sector. I want to work with the existing board to keep our Co-Op growing in the right direction.  The Main Market Co-Op Board of Directors is a perfect venue for participating in the health of our community and the urban renewal I wish to see bloom in Spokane.




Kelly LaGrutta


Description: https://d2q0qd5iz04n9u.cloudfront.net/_ssl/proxy.php/http/gallery.mailchimp.com/0e8911ded4ff1895a1caf33f6/images/Kelly_LaGrutta.jpgTo be of service.

I believe the Main Market Coop is vital to growing a robust and vibrant Downtown Spokane. The coop reaches far beyond simply making groceries available to downtown residents – which is a service of utmost importance in its own right.  The coop promotes nutritious eating, sustainable lifestyles, and local food systems.

I have personal experience as a small, local business owner, myself; and I understand the importance of building strong relationships with customers. I spent six years as a human resources manager for a service agency with upwards of 200 employees, and so I understand the complexities of attracting and maintaining a committed and enthusiastic work force. I’ve enjoyed some professional success as a graphic designer, graduate student advisor, and long ago as a cook, waitress, greenhouse worker, and field hand. I’ve been involved in training boards of directors and was a licensed facilitator for Franklin Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I’ve volunteered on boards for organizations committed to promoting sustainable food systems.

If any of my unique experiences and varied skills can be put to use for the Main Market Coop, I’d love the opportunity…

To be of service. 

Most sincerely,

Kelly LaGrutta

Gage Stromberg

I am pleased to be considered for the Board of the Main Market Co-op. My extended family in Spokane all became members of the Co-op prior to opening to show support and to help express the need for the organization. Since that time, we have been pleased to support the MMC as customers and community advocates. I am now glad to also offer my time to serve on the board and believe that both the retail operation and the message of the MMC need to be well-known within our community.

I have been involved in many business and non-profit ventures since graduating from the University of Washington and Gonzaga Law School. I have been employed at law firms in Spokane, worked for Wells and Company managing construction and development projects, and more recently been an owner at Powers-Stromberg Pension Consulting, Inc. (fka, NAS Pension Consulting, Inc.) and WS Hospitality, LLC, home of River City Brewing and Coeur 'Alene Brewing Company. I was also a founding board member of both the Spokefest organization and of Mobius Spokane, including serving as the Washington Trust Bank-sponsored Executive Director during the merger with the Children's Museum and subsequent fundraising, construction and opening of the Mobius Kids facility. I have also served on the City of Spokane's Housing Advisory Board, Spokane Symphony Board, Downtown Spokane Partnership's Business Improvement District Ratepayer's Board, Planned Parenthood board (PPINW & PPGWNI), and the River City Red Cycling Team board.

I am deeply committed to Spokane as a thriving community and home for my wife of 24 years and our two sons who are students at Lewis & Clark High School. We believe as a family in seeking out food from regional sources and from sustainable and organic operators. I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve on the Board and want to see the MMC be an important partner in and resource for our community.

How To Vote

Follow the simple instructions below to ensure that your vote gets counted.

Thank you for supporting your local Co-op!

Notice On Voting By Mail 
The Board of Directors has ordered that the vote of the members may be taken by mail with the same effect as if taken in-person at the annual meeting. Members choosing to vote by mail may cast their ballot as follows:
(1) Print out a copy of your ballot
(2) Mark your ballot – you may vote for any three of the six candidates listed.
(3) Print or type your full name in the space provided at the bottom of the ballot.
(4) If you know it (located on the back of your membership key card), write the last six digits of your member number under your name.
(5) Sign and date your ballot in the space provided.
(6) Place your ballot in a sealed envelope addressed to:

Main Market Co-op
Attn: Annual Meeting
44 W. Main Avenue
Spokane WA 99201

(7) Send the envelope by US Mail, postage prepaid, or physically deliver it to Main Market and deposit it in the ballot box provided.
Ballots must be received by the close of business on April 26, 2013. Members present at the Annual Meeting (04/27/2013 in the deli area at the Co-op), and who did not submit a ballot, will have an opportunity to vote at the meeting. All votes must be received before 10:15am on the date of the Annual Meeting.
All ballots will be opened and counted at the annual meeting on Saturday, April 27, 2013.
Only those persons who are members of Main Market Co-op as of April 1, 2013, will be entitled to notice of, and to vote at, the annual meeting of members or any adjournments thereof.
By order of the Board of Directors

E.J. Iannelli, Acting Secretary

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