Feb 01

Unfortunate News About Produce Boxes

Dear Customers,

 I regret that I am unable to bring produce boxes back at this time. I apologize for introducing a program that so many people loved and grew to depend on only to have it taken away. I apologize wholeheartedly for assuming that I would be able to fix the problems ailing the produce box program. Please believe that I’ve been agonizing over this decision and doing everything in my ability to try to make produce boxes work. The reality is that we lack the space to grow the produce box program to a size that would come close to covering the cost of its operation. Other produce box operations are successful because they are able to crank out 50 to a couple hundred boxes at a time. Our space allows a maximum of 10 produce boxes to be built at a time.

At a much future date we would love to re-introduce produce boxes as a not for profit service that benefits local producers and community health. It’s just not something that our relatively new Co-Op can pay for right now. If you would like more information about the particulars or economic realities that led us to this decision, please feel free to contact me.

Main Market is a not for profit store and would NEVER make decisions that hurt our community or local food supply for financial gain. We work very hard to find balance in covering our costs, making quality food affordable, taking care of the Co-Op and its member’s investment, promoting local healthy and safe food, and meeting the needs and requests of our customers. The produce department will continue to offer the best priced 100% organically and (whenever possible) locally grown fruits and vegetables. We very much appreciate your support and apologize for this unfortunate news.


Megan White

Produce Buyer

Main Market Co-Op

509-458-2667 ext 2


We would very much like to let you know about another local business that provides local produce boxes-Fresh Abundance 533-2724 or www.freshabundance.com

Wonderful local organic farms providing CSA boxes:

Tolstoy Farms 509-725-3276

Rocky Ridge Ranch 953-0905 www.rockyridgeranchspokane.com

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