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2014 Board of Directors Candidates

Dear Co-op Members,
Once again, it’s that time of year where we have the opportunity to elect new members to the Main Market Co-op Board of Directors.  This year, we have three candidates and three open seats to fill. Please exercise your membership by participating in this important process and playing a role in the future of your Co-op!

Take a look at the candidates below, followed by voting instructions at the bottom of the page.


Sara Wollnick

Description: https://d2q0qd5iz04n9u.cloudfront.net/_ssl/proxy.php/http/gallery.mailchimp.com/0e8911ded4ff1895a1caf33f6/images/ellen.jpgSarah co-founded etailz, Inc. in 2008 and serves as VP of Supplier Relations. The company has created 85 new jobs in the last five years, recently opened a physical storefront in South Perry, and continues to contribute to our local economy. Sarah has an MBA with a concentration in ethics, and BA with a concentration in business administration, both from Gonzaga University. Sarah's passion for natural products emerged in 2008 when the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics was making a splash in the media.

Upon reading a book written by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics co-founder Stacy Malkan, Sarah felt shocked at the lack of information provided to consumers about products they use on a daily basis. Over the course of a few weeks she changed her daily routine and substituted natural alternatives for the products she had been using. Sarah is passionate about keeping our food source local and sustainable; she enjoys organic gardening, making healthful meals, dining at local restaurants, and researching new sustainable living trends.

Sheri Shields

Description: https://d2q0qd5iz04n9u.cloudfront.net/_ssl/proxy.php/http/gallery.mailchimp.com/0e8911ded4ff1895a1caf33f6/images/megan.jpgSheri has been in love with the Pacific Northwest and specifically Spokane since her 1st visit in 1986; as a result she moved to Spokane the day after graduating from High School. She has been co-owner of several businesses, including a stress reduction and wellness center, is a mother to 3 daughters and lover of nature and music. Sheri attended SFCC and earned her BA from Gonzaga University.

Her passion for wellness lead her to become certified as a Holistic Health Coach, now she leads workshops and works with individuals and groups; supporting people in making positive and sustainable lifestyle choices.

“As a health coach and fellow being on this planet I believe it is imperative that people have affordable access to high quality foods and products that are NON-GMO and Organic. I believe by supporting local farmers, producers and businesses who follow sustainable practices it is a win win for us, our community and our planet. I believe an awakening is happening across the planet that begs for the education of our communities on such matters. These beliefs are being modeled in the daily operations and management of Main Market; as a board member I will strive to build on these values and further the mission of the co-op.”

Dr. Michael Hazel

Description: https://d2q0qd5iz04n9u.cloudfront.net/_ssl/proxy.php/http/gallery.mailchimp.com/0e8911ded4ff1895a1caf33f6/images/demetri.jpgDr. Michael Hazel was raised in Spokane and is an associate professor in Communication and Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University, where he has been teaching since 2004.  Dr. Hazel earned his Ph.D. and M.A. from Washington State University and also taught at Immaculate Heart College in Kagoshima, Japan for five years. His professional areas of focus include organizational communication, communication apprehension, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. He has served as President of the Northwest Communication Association and currently serves on the Board of Regents at Gonzaga University. He teaches courses in organizational communication, research methods, thesis writing, and the on campus practicum course.

He has a strong interest in serving on the Main Market Co-op Board, not only because the Co-op is a high quality grocery store and deli, but also because it serves as a community building organization that promotes local farmers, sustainable and ethical agriculture, and positive social change for the Spokane community and beyond.  

How To Vote

Follow the simple instructions below to ensure that your vote gets counted.

Thank you for supporting your local Co-op!

Notice On Voting By Mail 
The Board of Directors has ordered that the vote of the members may be taken by mail with the same effect as if taken in-person at the annual meeting. Members choosing to vote by mail may cast their ballot as follows:
(1) Print out a copy of your ballot
(2) Mark your ballot – you may vote for any three of the three candidates listed.
(3) Print or type your full name in the space provided at the bottom of the ballot.
(4) If you know it (located on the back of your membership key card), write the last six digits of your member number under your name.
(5) Sign and date your ballot in the space provided.
(6) Place your ballot in a sealed envelope addressed to:

Main Market Co-op
Attn: Annual Meeting
44 W. Main Avenue
Spokane WA 99201

(7) Send the envelope by US Mail, postage prepaid, or physically deliver it to Main Market and deposit it in the ballot box provided.
Ballots must be received by the close of business on April 25, 2014. Members present at the Annual Meeting (04/26/2013 in the deli area at the Co-op), and who did not submit a ballot, will have an opportunity to vote at the meeting. All votes must be received before 10:15am on the date of the Annual Meeting.
All ballots will be opened and counted at the annual meeting on Saturday, April 26, 2014.
Only those persons who are members of Main Market Co-op as of April 1, 2014, will be entitled to notice of, and to vote at, the annual meeting of members or any adjournments thereof.
By order of the Board of Directors

E.J. Iannelli, Secretary

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