Although not required to shop at Main Market, the benefits are excellent and just $10 gets you started!

Your Benefits

Anyone can shop. Anyone can join.

·Investing in a local community owned business

·YOU own part of a local business with your community members!

·As an owner receive long term patronage dividends—receive year-end dividend proportional to your total dollar amount of shopping for the year. (Not yet in place until business start up costs are mitigated.)

·Weekly member savings coupons and member-only deals

·10% discount to be used on one shopping trip per membership per month. If you are sharing your membership with your entire household, please remember to coordinate the use of your monthly discount.

·Case order discounts

·Discounts at participating local business partners

·Support local sustainable producers

·Your own community grocery store!

·Newsletter – monthly e-version

·Email updates on Co-op events and special offers

·Vote for your Board of Directors

·Serve on the Board of Directors

·Participate in annual member meetings & monthly Board of Directors meetings


Stop by today to join!

Membership Structure

Effective immediately, there is only one membership level. Equity for members is $180 across the board, but payments are being structured at $10 a year for everyone. This decreases yearly payments for all previous levels of membership and creates a single equity structure that is the same for all members.

Anyone that has joined prior to 2015 will be grandfathered in to the old equity structure to which they originally agreed. Payment structures for everyone, signing up before or after 2015, will change to $10 a year until your equity limit is met. 

One time: $180
Payment Plan: $10/year* 


*assuming equity requirements do not change, annual payments will automatically cease at $180 equity limit