Eggs/Dairy/Refrigerated Department


Our dairy department offers a wide variety of local milk and egg products, all of which are selected with nutrition and sustainability in mind.  Milk specialties include local organic, cream-top, raw milk produced by Pure Eire Dairy, Pride & Joy Dairy, Rose Hill Farm, and Spokane Family Farm's tasty whole milk (produced locally in the Spokane Valley).  All of our eggs are local, cage-free, and humanely raised with no antibiotics and are supplied by nearby family farms.  Along with our local farmers, we always have a fully stocked dairy cooler - including natural and organic butter, yogurt, sour cream, and cheese. We also offer many vegan, raw, and paleo options for our customers' dietary needs or allergies. For our more resourceful customers, we have an extensive supply of fermenting and starting cultures.


Local Suppliers:


Pride & Joy Dairy Quail Ridge Ranch Spokane's Family Farm  
Pure Eire Dairy Palouse Pastured Poultry Lucky Hook Farm  
Cultures for Health Small Planet Tofu Helen the Hen