2017 Main Market Equity Drive

We are hosting an equity drive from April 7 to May 7, 2017 raising money for some exciting new projects for co-op customers and to raise awareness about membership at Main Market.

Equity explained

Equity is ownership! NOT a member fee. Some of our owners have paid all $180 of membership equity and others are on a $10 payment plan. Either way, the money you have put in as a member purchases a voting share in the business and is the equity you hold in the co-op as an owner.

We use equity to grow our business in many ways – primarily to reinvest in ourselves and improve the business for our customers and owners so that we stay relevant to you and win your returning shop.

The RETURN you receive on your equity investment is a business that:

  • re-invests in Spokane (the people, place, environment, food system) 
  • incentivizes your continued patronage ( choosing us for shopping - through discounts, events, our mission or by just being an awesome friendly store that takes your feedback seriously)
  • returns any profit made through its operation to you based on your patronage for the year.

In order to make $180 ownership shares accessible to EVERYONE we’ve created affordable payment plans that many owners use costing only $10 yearly until paid.

MMC has some pretty great improvements we want to make based on feedback from owners and we’re hoping our owners will speed up their equity payoff during our drive over the next month to help us raise some capital for these projects. ANY amount helps! If you can pay an extra $10 this year, $40 or even pay off all remaining equity you can help us make some exciting changes to our business!

Changes include:

A LARGE new cooler that we will stock with made from scratch ready to take and bake dinner options such as lasagna, mac n cheese

and casseroles as well as expanded fresh lunch items.

An improved check out area that will open up space in our entrance, add a 3rd speed checkout and a customer service desk.

Moving the salad bar closer to the deli, adding additional soup wells next to the salad bar, and improving our hot and ready food layout INCLUDING adding hot roasted chickens available in a grab n go bag in the evenings.

Adding a smoothie program to the deli menu.

A reinvigorated education program with more workshops for the community, an improved co-op classroom with cooking demo capability and some investments to improve the greenhouse for more vigorous use and growing.

All new and more comfortable seating and tables for the deli, a LARGE new eat-in bar top increasing seating by 30% and outdoor upgrades including an awning for summer months and improving the safety of our patio space.

Updating our website to be mobile friendly and MUCH more user friendly including daily menus from the deli, daily specials in grocery/produce, and a mission oriented blog featuring our local food producers, sustainable living articles, and related local news and events in Spokane.








How to act:

If you’re not sure how much equity you owe, email us at iownit@mainmarket.coop for a statement of your account.

If you’re interested in paying up early next time you’re in, email us at iownit@mainmarket.coop and we can set up a reminder on your account.

IT CAN BE AS EASY as just telling your cashier at your next purchase, “I want to pay in more equity!” And tell them an amount. They can add it right on to your purchase (any payment accepted) and your equity account will get updated.

For those who have already paid their equity in full, we will be re-introducing for the first time since before we opened, tiles engraved with your or a loved ones name to be permanently displayed in our deli. Tiles can be purchased at the register for $100.*

Keep track! This carrot can also be found in the deli café where we’ll be tracking our progress toward our $50,000+ Goal.

If you’re interested in additional ways you can participate, email gm@mainmarket.coop with your ideas.

*In service to those that committed this amount 7 years ago, but whose names are covered up on the floor by necessity of our being in compliance with health code or due to our changing layout, your tiles will be re-created and put up in a new spot free of charge.