Main Market Co-op Week

Come celebrate with us! April 17-23rd will be co-op week!

We’ll celebrate the many ways your co-op makes a difference, have a big push for our equity drive, and educate about the 7 international cooperative principles all week with events, workshops, freebies, and more!


Equity Week Calendar of Events:


Monday April 17th Kick Off Day

Principle Featured: Autonomy and Independence

11am-1pm and 4-6pm Photo Project: We’ll be hosting a table to discuss membership, the equity drive, and why our co-op is so important for the community and we need YOUR help! Tell us WHY you LOVE YOUR CO-OP and get your picture taken for a chance to win $200 in FREE GROCERIES!


6p-8p Food For Change  Co-op Documentary at the Magic Lantern, cocktail hour 5:30-6

Come see this engaging documentary about the unique history of co-ops in the United States – the many ways this country has undermined their existence and their continued rise from the ashes! Will leave you with a much deeper understanding of why cooperatives are so important yet also so challenging to operate!

FREE Admission. Concessions available at Theater price including Beer/Wine, Espresso, and local snacks.


Tuesday April 18th

Principle Featured: Democratic Member Control

Voting Drive!

10a-6p we will be reinforcing the principle of Democratic Member Control all day with board members and staff members encouraging current members to vote in our 2017 board elections. Learn about the candidates, how to become a board member, meet and ask questions of your board members, and learn how you can exercise your democratic muscle! Visit the table to pick up your member-owner folder full of important owner information, to find out more about the equity drive, or to vote and be entered into a raffle for one of three $100 gift cards.

T shirt Screening Party!



Wednesday April 19th

Principle Featured: Education and Information

T shirt Screening Party!

1p-6p In front of the Co-op

Co-op Printing Party! Join local printing company Ammonite Ink at the co-op and purchase a shirt or bag with our new design OR bring in your own non-nylon non-lined cloth items for printing for $2 per print. Organic and Fair Trade T-shirts ($6) and bags ($4) also available for customized print! They will be set up in the front of the store and allow you to participate in the printing process if you like! Purchases can be made with any payment at the register prior to printing.


Plan Your shopping trip for Thursday!!! Come prepared for savings and to stock up!

6 pm Workshop

Healing Herbal Salve Making with Jessica Spurrita, $10 on or buy in-store. Customize and take home your salve!





Thursday April 20th


Principle Featured: Member Economic Participation

Third Principle Featured: Member Economic Participation

ALL DAY help us reinforce the Co-op Principle of Member Economic Participation by making this the co-op's biggest sale day EVER. We will have some of the biggest deals of the year on sale for Thursday only to make it easy for you to stock up...check out our preview on Wednesday to help write your shopping list.


We give more and grow only with your support





6:30p Workshop:

How Healthcare became Sick Care: A History of Medicine in the USA with Naturopathic Dr. Jason Kinley

Ever wonder about the history of medicine in the United States? Do you know why the American Medical Association was originally founded in 1847? Come find out answers to these questions with Dr Jason Kinley.
Join us for this free, fascinating talk and learn how modern medicine came to be. 
Dr. Kinley is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Spokane, WA. He specializes in family medicine, chronic disease and physical medicine.

Friday April 21st

Principle Featured: Cooperation among Cooperatives

Featuring our Local and Cooperative food partners

11:30-1:30p Meet the Local and Cooperative Producers that make our store different from anywhere else in town.



5:30-7:30 LINC beer tasting, Free Local food featured Appetizers, and great Music with Suhanna Hamilton. Plenty of Local Vendor Samples including: Cultured Mama, Bare Culture Kombucha, Maple Valley Cooperative, LINC foods Spokane Co-op, Lyte Balance, Booey’s Gourmet Sauce and more!

Beer $3/pint featuring THREE Bellwether Brews:

Second Breakfast... wheat beer made with lemongrass, featuring Palouse Pint white wheat. 5.2%

Fernweh... Baltic Porter featuring Palouse Pint light Munich and C40. 6.8%

IPA... featuring Palouse Pint triticale

We'll also have Heirloom Apple Cider available from Liberty Ciderworks for our Gluten Free attendees! $3/glass.

Saturday April 22nd

Principle Featured: Concern for Community and Earth Day!

Join us at Riverfront Park for Earth Day fun (more info found at

Bean Bag Donation Project: Beginning Saturday, bring in your own bag and receive one coffee bean per bag full of groceries. We will have 3 great charities for you to choose from to receive the nickel saved by your bringing a bag! 1 bag = 1 bean = 1 nickel for charity



FREE class Saturday Night from 6-7pm at the Co-Op:Overcoming Environmental Toxins and Restoring the Roots of Health with Dr. Lu

Stress and environmental toxins are the root causes of immune, digestive, nervous system, endocrine system, and metabolic challenges facing us today. Learn how genetics, epigenetics, chronic stress, and toxins impact our health, how to test for them, and how to safely and sustainably manage them. Join Dr. Lu for an evening of education and empowerment!

Sunday April 23rd

Principle Featured: Voluntary Open Membership

Volunteer Day! CANCELED due to lack of response and weather. Please email if you'd like to learn more about future Volunteer events.